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The AdaPilot "Digital Flight Control System" is developed by a team of volunteers who listen closely to their user community. Together with our users and supporters we strive to make state-of-the-art control software for remotely piloted vehicles that is safety critical, powerful and flexible but also easy to extend.

The AdaPilot website is dedicated to serving the Free Software, Open-Source, AdaPilot Community. Here you can link and download the source code, tools and libraries for the AdaPilot development environment and get the latest AdaPilot news, resources and training materials. It’s also the place to exchange, ideas, discuss and contribute with a large community of AdaPilot programmers. This website is a work in progress and may thus be incomplete and in continuous development through the adding of new updates and informations, it is a "live website".

Why Ada-SPARK language?
Ada has a set of unique technical features that make it highly effective for use in large, complex and safety-critical projects and is well known for its typing features, which allow the programmer to define ranges over discrete or floating-point types. This specificity of Ada is very useful when it comes to proving the absence of overflow and constraint errors using SPARK. The advantages of SPARK, a stricter subset of Ada, for remotely piloted-related software are to provide mathematical assurance of specified safety and security properties for the autopilot, such as absence of run-time errors. It will also help reduce development costs by using formal verification as an alternative to certain types of testing, as allowed by DO-178C's Formal Methods supplement (DO-333).

Why ARM Cortex M & R 32-bit processors?
Cortex-M Series - Cost-sensitive solutions for deterministic microcontroller applications.
The ARM Cortex-M processor family is a range of scalable and compatible, energy efficient, easy to use processors designed to help developers meet the needs of tomorrows smart and connected embedded applications.
Cortex-R Series - Exceptional performance for real-time applications.
The ARM Cortex-R real-time processors offer high-performance computing solutions for embedded systems where reliability, high availability, fault tolerance, maintainability and deterministic real-time responses are essential.

Why CANaerospace?
CANaerospace is an extremely lightweight protocol/data format definition which was designed for the highly reliable communication of microcomputer-based systems in airborne applications via Controller Area Network (CAN). The purpose of this definition is to create a standard for applications requiring an efficient data flow monitoring and easy time-frame synchronisation within redundant systems. The definition is kept widely open to allow implementation of user-defined message types and protocols.

The AdaPilot website is maintained by LikeAbird, the driving force behind the reference hardware technology. AdaPilot is not part of Stock Flight Systems, AdaCore or ARM Ltd.

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