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The AdaPilot "Digital Flight Control System" is developed by a team of volunteers who listen closely to their user community. Together with our users and supporters we strive to make state-of-the-art DO-178C certifiable control software for remotely piloted vehicles that is safety critical, powerful and flexible but also easy to extend.

The AdaPilot website is dedicated to serving the Open-Source, AdaPilot Community. Here you can link to our Jira Suite to download the source code, tools and libraries for the AdaPilot development environment and to get the latest AdaPilot resources and training materials. Our Forum is the place to exchange, ideas, discuss and contribute with a large community of AdaPilot programmers. This website is a work in progress and may thus be incomplete and in continuous development through the adding of new updates and informations, it is a "live website".


AdaRacer-FCS - The AdaPilot Hardware Reference Development Platform
The AdaRacer-FCS is the hardware reference development companion for the AdaPilot initiative, a open-source DO-178C certifiable autopilot project based on the Ada & SPARK safety critical programming language and ARM Cortex M/R MCUs. The hardware consists of a single circuit board with all the necessary sensors integrated, including the popular and widely used Invesense MPU-9250 nine-axis IMU and the MS5611 high precision altitude sensor module providing a 24bit digital pressure value and 24 bit value for the air temperature. Additional add-on sensors, modules and payloads can be integrated via the available interfaces, such as UART, SPI, I2C, ADC and CAN. Servo/ESC ́s can be controlled either via up to 8 PWM ports or via a second CAN bus. Click for more info about the AdaRacer.

Disclaimer: The AdaPilot website is maintained by LikeAbird, the driving force behind the reference hardware technology. AdaPilot is not part of Stock Flight Systems, AdaCore, Consunova or ARM Ltd.

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