Open Source

AdaPilot was initiated to create a new world wide group of developers passionate about Ada, SPARK, ARM Cortex, MacOS, Linux, unmanned systems and technology in general. New developers are always welcome!
The project and community goal is to enable people to explore, investigate, innovate, research and learn about open-source "Safety Critical Digital Flight Control System" software, hosted on a closed-source hardware.
The main reason for the use of a closed source hardware is reliability and ruggedness, a key element for a safety critical system. AdaPilot will try to supply development hardware almost for free to work package team leaders, however this depends on potential sponsorships of our supporters.

Parts quality
AdaPilot is not aiming at the pure hobbist community, there are several other interesting open-source project around to fulfill this requirement. All the components and parts employed in the AdaPilot project are at least industrial-grade quality and price is not the significant key element. Only high quality components bundled with a high quality software can assure a high quality system.

This lead us to the AdaPilot's slogan: AdaPilot - when safety becomes not an option

Why the name?
The ‘Ada’ part of the AdaPilot name comes from Ada programming language, the "Pilot" part come from the autopilot, this to highlight the use of Ada in an autopilot project.

AdaPilot is hosted by LikeAbird S.L., a Canary Island based private startup company funded in 2015. During 2015 LikeAbird developed the NECSarm-M, the mAHRS and other electronic boards dedicated to the professional and industrial unmanned systems market, the first milestone for the AdaPilot. Now it's time to fill the boards with safety critical firmware, a highly expensive task for a small private startup company. The decision was made to start the AdaPilot Open-Source Initiative and to group all the Ada and ARM enthusiasts around the globe. 2016 is the AdaPilot Year! Join us now to change the open-source autopilot world!

How to become involved?
Do you have an improvement or addition you would like to contribute to AdaPilot? AdaPilot welcomes your contributions. AdaPilot is a Open-Source community project and there are many ways you can contribute. You can help in development of the flight controller, AHRS, mission controller (embedded firmware) and/or the ground mission manager software. Apart from development, there are many other ways to be part of the project: helping with documentation, flight testing or simply suggesting improvements. This is a community project so please get involved sending us your membership request.

Supporters are commercial companies or non-profit organisations with an interest in supporting and highlighting the AdaPilot initiative. For more infos on how to become a Supporter, please Read More >>