Open Source

AdaPilot provide the community with a comprehensive toolset and support links designed to give developers and students the tools they need to develop and learn Ada & SPARK.It includes links to papers, dev tools, tutorials, books and guides, assistance, suggestions and help in understanding Ada.

CAUTION: This site is a continuous work in progress and for developer only!

Get confident with the AdaPilot Ecosystem reading preliminary and final presentations, descriptions and technical papers.

AdaPilot developers uses a selection of development tools and utilities.Find out what tools are actually in use and how to join and use it.

The brain of the AdaPilot Ecosystem, the Flight Controller Firmware. Discover its architecture, what is done, where we will go and how to add new exiting features.

To develop the flight controller, you also need where to upload the code. The Reference Hardware Development Kit was made specifically to meet all AdaPilot's expectations. It is also PX4-SW compatible.

Primary objective of this section is to provide a platform where educational materials, knowledge, resources and fresh ideas can be shared.