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The AdaPilot project is structured in "Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)" and "Work Packages". A work package is a building block of the work breakdown structure that allows the project management to define the steps necessary for completion of the work. As such, a work package can be thought of as a sub-project, which, when combined with other work package units, form the completed project. Breaking down the work into work packages allows multiple teams to work simultaneously or sequentially on different components of the project. Each team follows the steps defined in the work package plan and completes them by the specified deadline. When all teams have finished their individual work packages, the whole project comes together and the objectives have been achieved.

Work Breakdown Structures
The AdaPilot project is composed primarily of the following core structures, each core structure is sub-divided in work packages:

- Primary Flight Control Computer (PFCC) PCBs
- Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) PCBs
- Mission Management Computer (MMC) PCBs
- Ground Test Rig, Tools and HIL (Hardware In Loop)
- Electronic Speed Controller (ESC)
- Handheld Ground Control Station (HGCS)

- Primary Flight Control Computer (PFCC)
- Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS)
- Mission Management Computer (MMC)
- MATLAB & Simulink

- Mission Management & Planing Software in Qt
- Ground Testing Applications and X-Plane Simulator integration
- SPARK 2014 Software Quality Assurance
- MISRA C & DO-178B/EUROCAE ED-12B Guidelines Assurance

- Ground Static Testing & Evaluation
- Flight Testing & Evaluation

Docus & Infos
- Documentation, Deliverables & Manuals
- Website Maintenance (www, blog, forum, VM)
- Press & PR, Graphics, 3D Design, Promo-Videos

As the work packages can be considered as sub-projects, the key elements of the work packages resemble those of the project. They should include the following (all on a volunteer basis):
- Work package objectives
- Description of activities
- Timetable with milestones (roadmap)
- Output and deliverables
- Roles and responsabilities
- Relationship to other work packages